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    Keyboard focus


      I have an application that uses the keyboard extensively. This seems to work once I have focus properly.
      For whatever reason I have to have a button on my page and must click it with the mouse for the keyboard to continue working.
      I go to a particular screen in the application that has no buttons and cannot get keyboard focus unless I add a button and click on it. If I do this it works fine. However, the app is not supposed to use the mouse at all and is required to only work with the keyboard.

      What to do? I have tried calling setFocus in the code when the screen is displayed but nothing seems to work.

      Thanks to anyone who can help!!!!!!
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          ntsiii Level 3
          First, there is a problem on the initial load of an application wherein the Flash Player itself does not have the focus in the browser.

          For IE browsers, you can use javascript in the html wrapper to set focus to the FP. You cannot in FireFox.

          If you app alrady has the focus and you are having trouble when you navigate to a screen, this is a different matter.

          Post a very simple runnable example and I will try to take a look.