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    AE CS6 having problems with jagged edges in my render


      I used to compose videos together using After Effects CS4 and the default settings for rendering produced good renders, but after I've upgraded to the CS6 version I notice jagged edges problem in my renders that I didn't have in CS4, and i'm using the default settings in CS6.


      This is a screenshot of a video rendered using CS4 (default render settings):

      This next one is rendered using AE CS6 (default render settings):



      I have looked into the formats that both versions render at and tried to figure out what the difference is. To start off, the available formats given in CS4 seems a lot more different than those in CS6.

      -CS4 rendered in a "Video for Windows" format by default and in Format Options it is Uncompressed, while CS6 doesn't have the "Video for Windows" option at all (and I can't find AVI format for CS4).

      -In CS6 the default format is "AVI", and the Video Codec inside Format Option is "None" by default.


      I'm not sure if this is why CS6 produces jagged edges in its videos. Does anyone know what I can do to render sharper videos in CS6 so i can stop using the CS4 version?

      For example should I maybe change the format from AVI to something else? Change the Video Codec from None to something else?

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          Well, straight up: Have you ever bothered to read the AE help? No offense, but this really sounds like "I use the default settings, but otherwise I don't know quite what I'm doing." AVI is cunningly called Video for Windows proper. the rest makes no sense. You are not telling us anything meaningful like comp settings and so on or how you verify your output. The second image simply looks like the hardware scaling in the comp viewer at odd zoom rates and resolutions. Anything beyond that will require a lot more info.