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    Weird formatting with saved PDF


      Hi all,


      I have created several forms on forms central.  They display beautifully on the test site, however when I print them to save on my computer, the formatting ends up really weird.  I'll get the header and two or three lines below it, then a whole bunch of blank space, and the rest of the form gets pushed to the second page.  There are no page breaks inserted, so I don't know what's going on.  This happens even if I create a new form from scratch, use a template, completely delete the header, and shrink the font to smallest size.  Is this happening with anybody else?


      Question 2: I thought that when people filled out my forms it would email me a PDF document. Apparently that's not the case.  Instead I get a summary email and then have to log in to the website to view and print the form.  I would prefer to just get an email with the file that was filled out.  Anybody else dissappointed by this?

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          Pengpeng Sun Level 1

          The print orientation should be same with your form setup. You can find the Form Setup dialog by File -> Form Setup... when you stay at Design tab.



          For Question2, FormsCentral does not support this by now. Here is a workaround may help, you can save your design form to PDF by File -> Save as PDF Form..., make people fill out the saved PDF forms then send it back.