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    Almost There - See Also

    D. Stewart Level 1
      Believe me. I have looked at help. Its not that...... helpful, sometimes.

      Let me tell you what I have:

      1. In the topic properties on the See Also tab I have added the term 'white listing'
      ( as in email)

      2. Using the See Also "tool" (alternate to index) I have added text white listing and dragged two topics to the Topics for: area, lets say the topics are Blocking Senders and Spam Management

      3. I have added a see also control to the topic referred to in #1 above

      4. In the properties of the See Also on the Link Options tab I have selected Button, Popup menu and default for the window and frame

      5. On the See Also tab of the See Also properties there are three items in the See Also keywords in project, they are black list, linking and white listing. I have added white listing to the See Also keywords control area.

      After generating the layout, which is in the webhelp format I do see the button but when clicked it jumps automatically to the Spam Management topic. It does not list Blocking Senders and Spam Management as I expected, which are the related topics.

      Can you provide instruction? Thanks in advance.

      BTW, just wondering, are most of the forum folks technical writers by trade or developers????

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Dave

          One thing that is way cool is that the See Also control has intelligence. Assume you have three topics assigned. You are viewing one of the three. The popup menu will only list the other two, because the topic being displayed really doesn't need to be there. After all, you are in the topic!

          As you only have two topics assigned, the control is also exhibiting more intelligence in just linking the user over to the other topic as opposed to presenting a popup, then forcing them to click a second time to visit the only other topic.

          Hopefully this helps... Rick
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            D. Stewart Level 1
            Thanks, I'll look into it.