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    Batch Print of Parts of Documents

    Trevorׅ Adobe Community Professional

      Hi All


      I have several hundred indesign documents that are set up as 2 spreads of 2 A5 pages. They are all in the same folder which also contains other documents but the documents I need all have the words "weekly test" in their title and are as such identifiable by means of a regx.


      I want to make a pdf the 1st 2 pages not as a spread and reduce the paper size of each page to less than A5 so as to almost compleatly reduce the size of the margins (i.e. reduce paper size and keep the text size).


      Ideally I would want all the documents combined into one pdf ordered according to the modification date of the ID documents.


      I could do this through indesign scripting (of which I am experienced) but feel that it's probablly done better using acrobat or distiller (With scripting?).


      If anyone can give me guidance on this I'd appreciate it.


      With Thanks



      P.s. Posted on Both scripting and regular acrobat forums.




      Exporting through indesing doesn't seems a big pain because of the change In paper size.

      And printing from indesign seems a big pain because the needing to enter the file names manually?