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    Please don't put MacAffee permission/notification down on page so short laptop screens don't show it


      I cannot see the reference to MacAffee inclusion until AFTER I click to update my flash player!  Tricks like this are beneath you.  I have security already/.  I even upsized my laptop [purchase, yet the screen is just as short as the last...just like when TVs switched to diagonal measurements--we bought larger TVs yet they were smaller...now the computers played a similar game and things like toolbars shrink the content right off the page--tho the sides are all warted empty space!  If you want permission to include something else with your product, include the request up above the button we click.  Otherwise you engender much resentment and anger...how many nights have I sat waiting for a technical support person in India to help me delete some crap I never wanted that has stopped my real player streaming, switched my search engine...added another security scan on top of the one I pay for....?  Honesty and trust is rewarded.  TY.