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    Unable to set "Replicate" permission


      This is on CQ5.4:

      Even though I'm a member of the "administrators" group, I'm currently not able to set the "Replicate" permissions in the "CQ Security" section. I'm writing "currently" because I've been able to do this before, and I've set permissions a lot of times in the past. The administrators group does have full permissions on the entire repository.


      I can check the Replicate column's checkboxes, but when I click the "Save" button, the following error message is shown in the upper right corner of the screen:

      "Not allow to setPrivilege on my_group_name" [sic]

      I am able to set any of the other permissions, i.e. Modify, Create, Delete. Just not the Replicate permission.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.