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    JavaScript notice on iPad/Tablet

    richelectron Level 1

      Hi there


      I'm trying to find a way to display a notification in a PDF that goes along the lines of:


      *Please enable 'JavaScript' in your PDF Reader settings to use interactive functionality in this document


      This notification would then be removed using JavaScript and so not show up when JavaScript is enabled. iPad / tablet users won't necessarily be able to enable JavaScript but at least they will have an explanation as to why their PDF is not functioning 100%.


      I know that you can change the values of fields using JavaScript, but the problem with this is that form fields are not displayed on the native iPad PDF reader - so the notification message will not show up if it is presented in a text input field.


      The Adobe Reader app does fortunately display text input fields on iPad, but how do I cater for people using the native PDF reader?


      Are there other ways to manipulate text in a PDF using JavaScript? i.e. Could the notification be placed in a span (or even in a watermark / any other element apart from a field) that is then removed using JavaScript?