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    Can someone please apply bone tool to a character in my animation?


      (My question is below) NOTE: BY HELPING ME OUT I WILL REWARD YOU WITH THE FOLLOWING: recognition in the credits of the video ill be making on YouTube and I will subscribe to your channel and like all of your videos and follow u on twitter/tumblr/watever u choose. Plus I will promote your YouTube channel on my YouTube channel AND BEST OF ALL one request of whatever u want (as long as it's achievable and appropriate) !


      Hello! I've been making a character for an animation with action script 3.0 in adobe flash and bone tool just isn't working for me, believe me i've tried EVERYTHING So I was wondering if anyone could inbox me an email address or facebook or inbox in adobe to send the dinosaur to so that you can give it bone tool. It's a dinosaur and I was hoping that the jaws would open and close. Also the dinosaurs individual body parts must move for walking and moving. You can tweak it HOWEVER you would like just as long as it moves easily (Also please be sure it's still my basic drawing :P)

      So Thank you guys HEAPS!



      Why did 200+ people ignore this? I don't understand I just need help PLEASE!?..

      Thank you admin for deleting my other questions without even helping me. Thats 66.6% of my chances gone. But who am I kidding.. My chances of getting help are already at 0%