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    Simple text displaying and navigating

      Hey could anyone please help me what im trying to achieve is when a user enters my page some text explanation is positioned at the bottom corner of the page. below this text is a small arrow that lets the user press and when pressed the text will change for something else. I need this to happen without using multiple frames it needs to happen in the same frame. Also with the button allowing the user to skip through different texts fields the user needs to be able to skip back through the text fields with a back arrow button. How do i create the text, where do i place it and how do i make the same forward button and back button skip through the text backwards and forwards. if someone could help i would be very grateful thanks. Exactly what im after is listed below thanks:

      1. when the user clicks a menu button on the interface they are taken to a page were some text is already displayed (no buttons need pressing for the text being displayed its already there).

      2. Underneath the text already on the page is a small arrow and this arrow when pressed needs to replace the text already on the screen with some other text.

      3. The small arrow that is pressed also needs to be able to be further pressed to show even more text.

      4. There will also be a back arrow that is pressed and this will take the user back through each text field.

      5. Also the text needs to be positioned in a specific position on the page how do you align text if the text is being called from the cast library?

      If you find a solution to this problem, as im only a basic programmer could someone please go through step by step what i need to do, i would be very grateful if you could help me thank you for your time.