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    CQ and CDNs: purgings


      Hello, we're looking at integrating CQ with the Akamai network. I've read a few interesting posts already on this forum, but would like to explore the idea of caching and purging a bit better here.


      My main question is around what's the best practice around purging content, such that is the most convenient from our authors. I don't want my authors (we have 100s) to go into akamai to do this manually obviously.


      The best practice seems to be to use versioning on your pages (I want to host pages and assets on Akamai) and to add the version in the URL, but I don't understand yet how to implement that in CQ if possible at all.

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          In the meantime I come up with a solution. The industry best practices seems to be to version your pages and update your URL accordingly. Whenever a URL changes, Akamai will fetch the latest content.




          the root node /content/company/en has a property called "version" set to 1, the URL becomes:



          After editing that resource and activation the "version" property gets incrememented to 2, the URL becomes



          Akamai will fetch the latest version.


          I now like to know how I can dynamically always add a querystring to a URL. So in essence whenever a page gets loaded, the querystring should appear including the version number which comes from a property.


          Is this doable? Or crazy?