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    GTX 680 Mac Edition




      I know this has been briefly discussed in another thread but there wasnt a real answer provided.


      Will the new GTX 680 Mac Edition be CUDA enabled and supported by Adobe?


      It makes sense that if it is 'officially' supported on PC and has been 'officially' released for mac that this would be the next step?




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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          On all Mac Pro's a GTX 680 is overkill. The CPU's are just to weak and old to fully utilize the power of a GTX 680. If there is something like a 660 or 660 TI that would be more balanced.

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            bigmessstudios Level 1

            Thanks for the response.


            If I only have access to officially supported mac cards my options are a little limited.


            I figured the 680 was much less overkill than the Quadro K5000 and the 4000 is still a little pricey.


            Any other GPU options for mainly Premiere and AE work?



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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              If your choices are limited to Quadro 4000, Quadro K5000 and GTX 680, then the 680 is the best choice.

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                bigmessstudios Level 1

                Thank you kindly, one last thing.


                If I were to get a K5000 does it need to be hacked in order to get CUDA support in AE?



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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  Yes, you need to apply the 'hack', at least on as PC.

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                    I am comparing the same cards at the moment and am leaning towards the 680. We are looking to replace our ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB we do is in after effects, blender, and premiere. I did not see an answer in this thread to your original question. Did you find out if the 680 mac edition is offcialy supported yet? If not is there a hack? and what card did you end up getting?



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                      bigmessstudios Level 1



                      I've put my purchase on hold for the time being.


                      From what I gather the 680 is the best to go for but I havnt tested it myself. I've used a 5000 and wouldn't recommend it. All cards are now supported by mac but you will need a hack to the 680 cuda enabled.


                      I've posted on several forums but have never had a definitive answer.


                      Personally I would suggest the 680 with a hack. Best bang for buck, it works with boot screen (most GTX series don't on mac) and its benchmarks are good.


                      Good luck!


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                        We just bought a GTX 680 to test on one of our editing suites, as a cheaper and still viable ugrade vs. buying all new MAC Pro's all around.


                        So far, the installation of the card and setup has been easier than anything I've ever done on the PC end.

                        MAC have the most beutifull insides of a computer I can ever imagine. Soooo pretty... *geek drool*


                        But back on track!


                        We've used the "hack" earlier to get some if the iMACs we have as well to support CUDA in Premiere and AfterEffects, however when applying this same "hack" to the GTX680 on a MAC Pro, I dont get CUDA listed as a rendering option in either PR or AE.

                        Works fine on our iMACs, but I just cant get this one to work.


                        (And by "hack" I mean adding the graphics card to the list of supported cards in the CUDA supported GPU list.
                        More can be found here for those who needs it: http://www.vidmuze.com/how-to-enable-gpu-cuda-in-adobe-cs6-for-mac/ )


                        Any clues anyone?

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                          federatedfilms Level 1

                          Hi Astalsberg,


                          About to buy the Nvidia 680 mac edition for my mid 2012 mac pro, did you ever resolve the render option showning up in Premier Pro CC?


                          I noticed this tgread talks about "have to LOAD the CUDA driver in addition to the GTX 680 driver" - http://forums.adobe.com/message/6212508#6212508