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    Cross reference + GREP + excluding text

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      I would like to know if anyone has a solution to the following problem.


      I have a paragraph style which I use to label tables within my document. In the paragraph style I have set up numbering (under Bullets and Numbering) so that each heading appears as "Table 1.1 School Children in HK" or "Table 1.2 School Children in China" the code I have entered in the 'number' field of the paragraph style appears below:


      Table ^H.^#^/


      I have inserted the word 'Table' prior to the rest of the code so that the label is correct.


      When I create cross references I select 'Cross Reference Format' to be 'paragraph number' the problem is, however,  that the word 'Table' is picked up as part of the 'paragraph number' because of the settings in the Paragraph Style. The end result looking like this:


      03 This is what is prioduced from Cross References.png


      The result is fine if you are cross referencing a single table per sentence, however, if you are dealing with multiple tables in plural this is a problem. What I would like to achieve is this:


      04 This is what I want.png


      Does anyone know if there is a way to achieve this by editing the 'Cross Reference Format' so that the word 'Table' disappears when the cross reference is generated? Perhaps with GREP?


      I would really appreciate your help.