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    Disable Updates in PSE 11


      I need to disable update notifications in PSE11.  When I access the update Preferences, un-check all the boxes, and click OK and then re-enter via Preferences all the boxes are again checked.


      This is on a PC with a locked-down configuration to prevent user changes and it reverts to the original configuration on every reboot.  This means that the users are continually notified of the available updates.


      Thanks for any help...

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          Andromeda14 Level 3

          I am sorry but I didn't get it. Are you saying that PSE updates are shown to you automatically. As far as I know, this doesn't happen. Unless you click on 'Help->Updates' you are not notified of the updates.

          Another query you raised is PSE is unable to remember your preferences across launches. Which app, Organizer or Editor?



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            edmondsont Level 1

            Yes, an icon appears in the Windows 7 notiifcation area that Adobe Application Manager has updates available.  It doesn't specify the app but PSE is the only Adobe app installed on the PC (besides Reader).


            When I open PSE and navigate to <Help> <Updates> <Preferences>, clear all the checkboxes, exit, then come right back, all the boxes are checked just like they were before I started.


            PSE is starting in the Editor.