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    Nonalphanumeric characters in file names

    Kevin Elmore
      My company's help files have been plagued with the RoboEngine getting clogged with bad SALSailSearch processes. When these processes hit, the server's CPU hits 100%, and the Search feature is crippled. This is the version of RoboEngine that came with RoboHelp X5.

      Adobe has reminded us that nonalphanumeric characters (and nonunderscore) could pose a problem with the search feature. Has anyone worked long enough with the new RoboEngine to know if it can handle these characters?

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Kevin,
          Not many users of these forums use RoboEngine and even less would have non-alphanumeric characters so I fear you may get little response here. You could try using the RoboEngine forum or alternatively contact Adobe direct. The changes in the just released RoboHelp Server 7 have been mainly in the ease of setup. You could download a trial and test out your projects.