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    automatic relinking based on file type


      Is it possible to automatically relink based on file type? I have hundreds of illustrator files that need three images in each changed out for a updated versions. It just so happens that the three all have different file extensions.


      It seems that there should be a way to have illustrator replace the one .jpg file with another .jpg file (named differently) that's in the same location as the old file. Is there some type of more powerful scripting interface for illustrator besides the actions? vbscripting or something?


      I realize that this isn't a normally supported feature of the links panel. I know that I can open each file and manually relink them as I open them. Hoping to save some time. I have to do this a couple times a year as we get in fresh images that we want to stuff into the same presentation format.


      The file names contain timestamps that need to remain there so simply renaming the new files to match the old ones isn't an option either.


      Any suggestions would be greatly appeciated.