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    Trouble with keeping Flash Player installed


      Windows 7

      IE 64 bit

      Latest Flash Player


           I'm having trouble with keeping the latest flash player installed and even registering it's installed. When I install it, there are no error messages, and around 50% it jumps to being finished installing. My flash files don't read the flash player as being installed and when I restart my computer, if I go to a website that requires flash player, it tells me I need to install Flash Player version X (usually 9) despite having installed version 11.7.700.169.


           I've been having this problem since I installed CS 6 about two to three months ago. After following the installation path I find that both the 64 bit version and the 32 bit version have been installed somehow even though I downloaded the 64 bit version.


           I just found out that it may be causeing problems viewing Youtube videos as well.


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