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    CS 6 2k System

    001andrew Level 1

      i am wanting to build a new system Windows and be future proof for a long time I intend to stay off the cloud. I am looking at an I7 proc x79 socket with 64 gig of ram and dual GTX 680's Is anyone running a system like this andf if so how is the pefomance?

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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Which i7?


            Have you viewed the test results at http://ppbm5.com/ ?


            Do be aware that the CURRENT PPro CS6 does not use both GPUs... but the NEXT version announcement says PPro will use two GPUs

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              001andrew Level 1

              honestly i am coming from MAÇ but am basing things off the needs of Resolve for color work. So the dual GPU is for that but i would likely buy on 680 card and the second once thisngs are up and runnin. I have not selected the exact proc. I was lokking at the 3770k on the LGA 1155 because the logic board has Thunderbolt. Now I am aware that the older six core uhandles more memory. That to be honest is a rough one for me because thunderbolt and the blackmagic camera. on some harddware forums the X79 is very fast for premire and it is the recomend from BMD for davinchi. Wow that link iss awesome it may add to my confusion thanks