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    Printing issues with Elements 10




      I'm currently having issues with a whole lab printing to any printer with Adobe Elements 10. I've tried to print to it's default (Dell M5200 - Dell's Driver) and the color (HP 3700 - Universal Driver) without success. We are using Novell iPrint to control/monitor print jobs. When I try to print, it acts like it's printing then goes back to the project screen. If I try to print again, it says there are no printers currently installed. If I close the program and restart it, I'm able to select printers in the print option. I tried as a test to see if just the TCP/IP connection would work and it does. So I believe it's a issue between Novell iPrint and Adobe Elements 10. I've done a search and have not found a solution for this. Was curious if anybody has came across this issue or does not have the issue with roughly the same setup.


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      OS = Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit

      Application = Adobe Elements 10

      Printer Control = Novell iPrint

      Printers = Dell M5200(Dell Driver) and HP Laserjet 3700 (Universal Driver)

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          tgutshall Level 1

          For now since it's close to the end of the school year. Just added a TCP/IP connection to the color printer in the lab. Working with the teacher to see if they want to upgrade to version 11 of Photoshop Elements. Photoshop Elements 11 seems to work perfectly with iPrint by my testing. Topic had many views but seemed like nobody had a solution.