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    How do I use relative paths when creating Actions?


      I created an AI action that will perform the following actions on an AI file.

      1. Save currently opened AI file.
      2. Export current AI file as JPG.
      3. Export current AI file as GIF.
      4. Export current AI file as PNG.


      After using this action, I realized there are some thing that need to be changed in order for it to be truly useful. First, I would like the JPG,GIF,and PNG to save to the same directory that the currently opened AI file is in. For example, if I open an AI file that is located at C:/images/image1.ai and run my image export action, the JPG,GIF, and PNG should save to that same directory (C:/images/). In a nutshell, I want to make this path dynamic but when I create the action it forces me to specifiy a specific location.


      This becomes a problem when I try to send this Action Set to other memebers on my team. If they load the action set into Illustrator, it doesn't work properly because the save location is hard coded in the action. Does anyone know if this is possible?