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    Version a page with references?




      I am trying to veriosn a page in CQ using the version tab in sidekick. The page conatins some campaigns. So when the version is created in jcr:system, it contains only the references of those campaigns.


      So I need to version the campaign seperatly. Now if there are changes in campaign and and I restore the page then I dont see the version page as expected as it was storing the references and not the actual campaign.


      Does CQ provides OOTB anything that gives us everything on the page back including the reference (campaigns, images etc) too?


      Other challange is related with timewarp functionality. When we use timewarp, it does not restore the page but shows us a timewarp version of that page at that time. If I want to restore everything on page, what I need to do?



      Kumar Anant

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          Sham HC Level 7

          Hi Kumar Anant,


          IMO,  OOB there is no option you are looking.  You need to implement at project level.




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            kr_Anant Level 1

            Thanks fo replying,


            I will be implementing that, I just want to know how the timewarp thing works as it does not acrually reverts the page but only shows a temprary view . By exiting the timewarp, you can see the page what it was earlier.


            I investigated into this and find out some Fake page resources are being used. My thoughts are to get the event when the campaigns and other references are used so that I can write some custom code to load the reference version into the page at that point of time.


            Please let me know if someone has implemented this kind of solution?



            Kumar Anant