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    Is it possible to save files with automatic consecutive numbering?

    Martin_Moore Level 1

      I've been searching the forum and the Internet but can't find an answer to my problem.


      I need Photoshop to save my files with automatic consecutive numbering.


      Here's what I am doing. I have lots of image files with several photos and/or negatives scanned in each image file. I need to individually select every photo or negative to be able to cut and paste in a new file and then saving every pasted photo/negative in a separate image file.


      Now, I have automated the cut and paste process, and also recorded some effects with Actions, but when I come to saving the files I always get prompted to enter a file name no matter if I record the save as "Save" or "Save as".


      So here is my question: Is it possible to make Photoshop saving each file automatically with an automatically assigned number? Example: Photo0003.tif, and the next file Photo0004.tif, and so forth. Just so I won't need to enter a file name manually each time?


      Saving by Batch processing is not a solution since every file I open have to be divided into like 12 new separate files and saved with different names.


      Regarding Photoshop version, I use both CS2, CS5 and could sit with another machine with CS6 if thats whats needed for the job.


      Thanks in advance!