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    Communicating between Acrobat and InDesign through Javascript

    JADarnell Level 1

      I am submitting this question to both the InDesign Scripting forum and the

      Acrobat Javascript forum at the same time.


      I built an Acrobat Javascript program to read through text in PDFs and extract

      all URLs and email addresses.  I place that information in a PDF file and save



      Now I need to get at that information in InDesign so that I can use it to modify

      InDesign documents with overlays.


      I have looked at the documentation for both Acrobat and InDesign Javascript.  In

      the InDesign documentation there is plenty of indication that information can be

      passed between Adobe applications if the appropriate "infrastructure" is set up.

      However no mention is made of Acrobat in that documentation and if I turn to the

      documentation for Acrobat, there is not word one that I have found on passing

      information from Acrobat to another Adobe application.


      Has any scripter in either forum ever had the requirement to pass data between

      Acrobat and InDesign, and if they did, would they mind indicating what I should

      be looking at to do the same in my Javascripts?