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    Printing from PSE6.0


      I am having trouble changing the paper source from one cassette to another when printing from Phososhop Elements 6.0 to my Epson XP-600.  Can anyone help me?  I am using a Mac and I can change the paper source when using iPhoto so it must be the PS software.  Both Epson and Apple have been kind enough to troubleshoot this situation for me and they agree it must be the PS software.

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          Barbara B. Level 7

          You ought to be able to change this in the OS X window that appears after you click the print button in the PSE print window.

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            tang7524 Level 1

            Are you talking about the "Print Settings" screen?  That's the one that should show Paper Source but it doesn't.  It does when I print from iPhoto but not from Photoshop Elements 6.0.  I've tried it on both my Mac Power books, one uses OSX 10.8 and the other OSX 10.5.  That's why I think it may be the software.  I have uninstalled & reinstalled the printer drivers and the printer all to no avail.  Two Epson techs walked me through various scenarios including review of my wireless hookup via Apple Airport Extreme.  I also did some of the same troubleshooting techniques with an Apple tech.  Both said to contact Photoshop.  Problem:  their "Chat" line said they don't respond for any PSE older than v. 9 and to try the support forum.  Which I've done.  Thank you for the information, but I've already tried it.

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              Barbara B. Level 7

              No, I'm talking about the OS X print window. This one:


              Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 10.52.55 PM.png


              My printer is a canon, but there should be a paper handling option for your epson, too.

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                tang7524 Level 1

                The screen you refer to first shows:  Layout; Color Matching; Paper Handling; Cover Page; Print Settings; Color Options; Two-sided Printing Settings.  No Quality & Media; Color Options; Borderless Printing.  The screen that should have the Paper Source would be "Print Settings," but that page only contains media type and print quality.  When I set the printer up using "Air Print" I do get a screen with "Quality & Media" that asks for "Photo" or "Paper" and when I check "Photo" it prints from the photo cassette using iPhoto, but it prints on paper from the paper cassette using Photoshop.


                Barb, let me ask you another question .. if I were to upgrade to Photoelements 11 would that make a difference?  I don't want to expend further money unless I know for sure just for one printer.  I do have another Epson printer that works .. you have to manually load the paper type before printing.  I can also import my PS photos into iPhoto and print them with the Epson XP-600.  It seems if Epson can't figure out what to do, it may be a lost cause.  I really do appreciate your assistance, though.


                (I took screen pictures of the print screens using "Grab" but find they're too large to reasonably read if I insert them here.  I haven't found how to reduce them yet.)

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                  Barbara B. Level 7

                  For screenshots, don't use Grab. Just press command+shift+4 and drag over what you want. That will make a png file small enough to upload here.


                  I don't know if upgrading to PSE 11 would help--this may be a problem with your print driver vs PSE. I would definitely do the trial first to see. (If you decide to upgrade you can just enter the serial number into the PSE trial, no need to uninstall/reinstall.)

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                    tang7524 Level 1

                    You've been a great help.  My brain cells seem to be diminishing over time so I think I'll give it a rest.  I can work around the situation so it's not as though I'm at a complete loss.  I can still print from both my printers and iPhoto works just fine.  Thanks for the assist.  If I should decide later to try PSE 11, I'll give it a go, but for now I'll let it rest.  We live in Arizona during the winter months and Minnesota during the summer months.  I know I can print from PSE 6 on the Epson NX515 printer I have in Minnesota.  I'm leaving the XP-600 here and taking both my laptops back to MN.  We'll be leaving the first part of May.  Thanks again for your replies.