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    GREPing footnote markers can cause InDesign CS6 to crash

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      It's taken an hour or so, but I've managed to whittle down what I

      believe is a nasty bug that can cause InDesign to crash, or worse, to

      silently delete footnotes. Try this:


      Procedure 1:


      Create a text frame.


      Type this text "Cram" without quotes.


      With the cursor after the "m", insert a footnote. Type some words in the



      Now, in the find GREP field, type "(m)(~F)" which searches for an s

      followed by a footnote marker


      In the replace field, type "sh$2", which should replace the m with sh.


      Click on "Change all".


      InDesign crashes.


      Procedure 2:


      Repeat the above, but instead of clicking on "change all", click on



      Result: The most obvious is that you've lost the footnote. Bad. But

      apart from that, the replace hasn't really worked properly.


      I've only tested this in CS6 on Windows. Do you get the same result?