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    Help shortening row calculations




      Just wondering if anyone knows a way that I can shorten a calculation. I am sure it is really simple but for some reason I can not figure it out.


      I have a table of 5 columns


      The Second row is where the user enteres # of responses in each column. they are labelled: Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor, Other.

      The third row is the calculation row: I need the percentage of each of the responses in each column (i.e. the percentage of Excellent responses, the percent of Good responses, etc).


      I wrote the calculation based on an example that I saw but I was wondering if it could be shortened and/or simplified? this is what I have for the caluclation:




      I have to create several tables like this so it is kind of annoying to have to write it all out over and over. I also want it simplified so that if someone else has to go in and change it in the future they can figure it out easily.