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    will PC owners to receive an extra 30 days of Revel Premium when pc app is released

    Barbara VanNoy

      Will PC owners have the extra 30 days to upload photos, when the PC version is available?  I only have a PC to use.   I am not able to get an app for uploading more photos before the 30 day free period is over. Thank you

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          Scott V Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hello Barbara

          For PC users, there is only Adobereve.com which you can upload your images to. Currently there is not image editing capabilities for Adoberevel.com.

          I don't know if there will be an additional 30 days for PC users as there is no expected date for when an Revel PC app will happen.



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            Pattie F Employee Moderator



            All new Revel users get 30 days of unlimited uploads. You can upload from Mac, PC, Android, iPhone, and iPad currently. The main thing different between the apps on Mac and iOS and AdobeRevel.com on the PC is the lack of editing ability on the adoberevel.com.  It sounded like you were not certain that you could upload from a PC and make use of your free unlimited uploads during hte first 30 days. You should be fine since you have several different choices of platforms to upload from, including from a PC (Using adoberevel.com).