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    Testing Preload and Adding Message If Timeout

    jomariworks Level 1

      I have a simple Edge Animation on a map that allows visitors to click and display information. The information is in the form of json files and the HTML content is displayed in a area below the map. The area is resized depending on size of HTML content.


      You can see the demonstration at http://reconnectingamerica.org/inventory/index.php


      This all works as expected (an earlier project using same technique is at http://reconnectingamerica.org/spacerace)


      PROBLEM: Sometimes -- about 1 in 5 first-time visits -- the map never gets past the preload animation and message that says "Loading..."


      I've added an additional text message that says If the map fails to appear in 30 seconds, reload the page.


      What I want to do is test the duration of the preloading.  If the duration is more than 30 seconds, I want to replace the "Loading..." message with the message "Please reload the page."


      Can someone provide an example of how I might do this?