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    AECS6 11.0.2 Crashing Hard with Multi-Processor Render Mac Pro 8 core

    paulgolden Level 1

      Hi Gang,


      I'm running AE CS6  on a Mac Pro Tower:


      Mac Specs:

      • MacPro 4,1 8-core
      • OS 10.8.3
      • 48gb RAM
      • GTX680 4gb
      • CalDigit RAID
      • SSD Boot Drive Scratch Disk
      • Black Magic HD Link SDI


      After Effects Settings:

      • AE
      • GPU Rendering Enabled
      • CUDA Driver 5.0; current usable memory 4.00 GB
      • OpenGL 2.1 Total memory 2.00 GB (I think this is a Mac limit for OpenGL)
      • 16Bit Project
      • Timeline: 23.975 1920x1080
      • Footage: ProRes 4444
      • Effects: Primatte Keyer, Spill Killer, Selective Color  (Nothing heavy here...)



      When I check Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously, I've leave 2 processors free and assign 3gb per processor (14 remaining. I will send the clip to render and it will render out just fine.  But the minute I open the file in QuickTime or Black Magic Media Express (to view on my grading monitor) (or do anything else), the spinning beachball of death appears and makes all open programs unresponsive one-by-one until I have to do a hard reboot.


      If I leave Render Multiple unchecked, all is fine and I can continue working, no problem.  Except that a clip will take 20 minutes to render as opposed to 3 minutes in Multi-processor mode.


      I will do some more tests to see if it's just this one project or if it applies to others, but for now, its driving me NUTS!


      Any thoughts?