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    How to make the new artistic brushes not be offset to the cursor?


      Hi there!


      I just upgraded to cs6 and have found everything to be great except for an offset problem I'm having with the artisan brushes like Round Point Stiff.
      In CS5 the paint position (precise point) was in the middle of the brush tip icon.. now it's off to the opposite side of the brush icon. See image example.


      I've tried to change my brush tip settings and Ive tried to make do with just using the precise icon instead but not knowing the rotation and angle of the brush witht he visual icon is very hard to pinpoint, especially if the stroke happens off to the left of my precise cursor.

      In CS6





      In CS5



      Is there something I need to enable on my end or is this working as intended? Is there a way I can just hack it on m y end to revert it back to the way cs5 (and the rest of the brushes in the brush folder) work?