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    ActionScript Errors From Updating to New Version of Adobe Flash Player


      I updated my flash player now I'm getting Actionscript errors i thought it was just web cam video related but i get more when i go to youtube that eventually make my computer freeze     this box pops up with no options but dismiss all or continue that keeps popping backup heres one example adobe better be able to fix this


      This is what happens when i go to the site


      Adobe Flash Player

      ActionScript error #1010 a term is undefined and has no properties

      at MfcVideo/nc_netStatusHandler()



      This is what happens when i try to leave the site



      at MfcVideo/nc_netStatusHandler()








      Then if i stay my computer starts to freeze

      I looked through many sites and have not found anything that tells how to fix this stuff I need a straight step by step answer adobe should have a patch made for this kind of thing i have windows xp sp3 with and i use firefox i think i had this problem years ago but can't remember how i fixed it i was going to get help from customer service support but they made me do this instead what ever helps....Thanks in advance