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    Migrated from MX7 to CF9 and now site not working on Internet Explorer


      I am in the process of moving several sites from MX7 to CF9.  This is my first experience with CF9 and migrating so I am wondering if I am just missing something obvious.


      I have one site that works fine in FireFox, Chrome and Safari but just will not work in IE.


      The site requires a login and authenticates the user name and password against Active Directory using the CFLDAP tag.


      In FF, Chrome and Safari I can log in, navigate all around, add/edit/delete records, run reports, etc. with absoultely no problems.


      But IE won't work. I can do the initial login and get to the home page but when I attempt to navigate to another page in the site it goes back to a login screen. It used to work in IE when it was on the MX7 server. But since moving it over I can't access it with IE. I did run Code Analyzer on the files when I moved them over to the new server and Code Analyzer only found a few minor errors that I resolved.


      Are there some special settings or Application.cfc entries that are needed for IE to work properly? Am I missing a security setting somewhere? I've been trying to Google an answer but perhaps I am not phrasing my search correctly to hit on the solution.


      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.