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    Website loading slowly?


      Hello community,



      I was wondering what would cause my website to run slowly? How can I determine if it's the host or me. The host is godaddy in this case.






      The gallery images seem to be taking forever to load.


      More information...

      Image background is a gif

      Images are less than 1MB a piece







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          BenPleysier Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The site is looking for files that it cannot find. That is because they are linked to your local machine as in

          @import url("file:///E|/Drive/Google Drive/Sites/NOTH/Sitefinal/title2_0/stylesheet.css");

          @import url("file:///E|/Drive/Google Drive/Sites/NOTH/Sitefinal/blackout1/stylesheet.css");
          @import url("file:///E|/Drive/Google Drive/Sites/NOTH/Sitefinal/blackout2/stylesheet.css");

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            Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I have a lightening fast fiber optics connection so I don't notice a lot of delay but there is some latency.  If you're on free or shared hosting plan with GoDaddy, good luck to you.  You get what you pay for.


            I notice your background image is big. 721.96 kb (739,287 bytes) is about 7-1/2 times bigger than it should be. http://www.nailontheheadinc.com/grunge-construction1.gif



                 16 x approx. 100 kb = 16,000+ kb for full size images

                 16 x approx. 50 kb = 800+ kb for thumbnail images


            This stuff is all cumulative.  You might try reducing image file size some more.  I try to keep thumbnails around 15 kb and full size images around 50 kb. 



            Nancy O.

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              rrkhayat Level 1

              Thanks for the responses! I appreciate the help.


              Website is in super speed now!