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    warp and animate picture in flash player

    Funbyu Level 1
      I want to develop an application which needs ActionScript 3.0 knowledge. It as below..

      There is a source code for a 'Gooifier' experiment. It can be found at:


      However, to use such source, a knowledge of ActionScript & Flash is necessary.

      Now I want to use that sourse code in my website but with a difference.
      Please allow me to explain the operation as below...

      I have a website (under construction) with photos uploaded by the user. The users across the world will be browsing the photos. I shall be offering a button as "Warp this picture" below each picture. On click of that button, the particluar picture being viewed should be selected in the "Gooifier" application and users should be able to distort and animate that picture.
      The users can select any photo which s/he is browsing on my site and then should be able to Warp and animate it.

      The application should open in my website's page (in an HTML page in my website) and not as a pop-up.

      Please view the above mentioned link for the source code and then let know if you can modify that code for my website as desired by me. If you can then please feel free top contact me directly on my email ... sukhmaniaps@rediffmail.com ................with the subject as Warp and animate picture.


      Ajeetpal singh