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    Trying to Understand Color Management: ProPhoto RGB vs, Adobe RGB (1998) my monitor, printer & every

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      The title should have read, "Trying to Understand Color Management: ProPhoto RGB vs, Adobe RGB (1998) my monitor, a printer and everything in between." Actually I could not come up with a title short enough to describe my question and even this one is not too good. Here goes: The more I read about Color Management the more I understand but also the more I get confused so I thouht the best way for me to understnand is perhaps for me to ask the question my way for my situation.

      I do not own an expensve monitor, I'd say middle of the road. It is not calibrated by hardware or any sophisticated method. I use a simple software and that's it. As to my printer it isn't even a proper Photo filter. My editing of photos is mainly for myself--people either view my photos on the internet or on my monitor. At times I print photos on my printer and at times I print them at a Print Shop. MY philosophy is this. I am aware that what I see on my monitor may not look the same on someone else's monitor, and though I would definitely like if it it were possible and it did, it doesn't bother me that much. What I do care about is for my photos to come close enough to what I want them to be on print. In other words when the time comes for me to get the best colors possible from a print. Note here that I am not even that concerned with color accuracy (My monitor colors to the print colors since I know I would need a much better monitor and a calibrated one to do so--accurately compare) but more rather concerned with color detail. What concerns me, is come that day when I do need to make a good print or afford a good monitor/printer then I have as much to work with as possible. This leads me to think that therefore working with ProPhoto RGB is the best method to work with and then scale down according to needs (scale down for web viewing for example). So I thought was the solution, but elsewhere I read that using ProPhoto RGB with a non-pro monitor like mine may actually works against me, hence me getting confused, not understanding why this would be so and me coming here. My goal, my objective is this: Should I one day want to print large images to present to a gallery or create a book of my own then I want my photos at that point in time to be the best they can be--the present doesn't worry me much .Do I make any sense?

      BTW if it matters any I have CS6.