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    Multiple drop boxes to control corresponding text boxes with same choices




      Im driving myself crazy trying to figure this out.


      I have a form that has multiple (15) drop boxes in one column.  Each drop box has two corresponding text boxes in the same row/line.  For instance, the first line has a drop box with a list of names.  Next to that on the same line are two text boxes (address and phone #) that populate depending on the name that is picked.  That continues down the page with a drop box and two text boxes on each line.  Every drop box has the same list of names.  I was able to do the first line where the name chosen populates the text boxes, but when I add line 2, I get a conflict where the name chosen in the dropbox in line 1 begins to control the text boxes on line 2.  Each line should operate independently of one another...


      Any ideas??