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      By making ninite.com remove the Flash Player from their very handy website makes the life of 10000000000 IT professionals worldwide miserable. I don't think Adobe is the kind of company who wants to make people miserable, is it? Please allow ninite.com to once more distribute your Flash Player so IT professionals like me don't have to go to 100000 different websites to get updates to resolve bugs in products like Flash Player.





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          pwillener Level 8

          What is ninite.com ???

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            JohanvdL79 Level 1



            Go and see for yourself.

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              pwillener Level 8

              I don't know why they don't list Flash Player; they list Adobe AIR, Shockwave Player, Adobe Reader, so why not Flash Player?

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                Until last week, Ninite.com did list Adobe Flash Player.


                Here's what Ninite Co-Founder Patrick Swieskowski had to say, "Adobe asked us to take that off our free site. They want consumers to get it from their site now. This is not a Ninite-specific request, they've been doing that to all popular download sites. If you're doing PC support Ninite Pro still supports Flash and is licensed for non-home use https://ninite.com/pro. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for using Ninite!"


                Adobe, you are making it more diffuclt to deploy and update Flash. Instead, I've uninstalled it and will just rely on Google Chrome when I require a browser with Flash functionality.

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                  pwillener Level 8

                  It would be interesting to know who from Adobe made that request.


                  There are dozens of other download sites (Majorgeeks, Filehippo, CNET, ...) that have no problem listing Flash Player on their downloads.  Of course the download will come from the Adobe download site, but this is transparent to the users.

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                    pwillener Level 8

                    jasonpearce wrote:


                    If you're doing PC support Ninite Pro still supports Flash and is licensed for non-home use https://ninite.com/pro.

                    But they seem to have no problem providing Flash for the paying users; that really doesn't sound like an Adobe problem to me...

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                      Paso Robles Tech

                      Agreed. Why, oh why Adobe would you want to make our job of updating your software so very much more difficult. Please let Ninite put it back on their system. It takes entirely too long to update Flash by going to Adobe.com.

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                        Something doesn't smell right to me...


                        Follow my logic. Ninite (free) removes the bloatware from the software installation files. Bloatware is how software vendors make money (including add-ons as part of the installation process knowing the vast majority of the non-technical public will blow right past it). Presumably Ninite Pro does the same thing except the software vendors receive a portion of the fee Ninite charges to use Ninite Pro (again, presumably). Adobe asks Ninite to remove Adobe Flash from the free side so as to force people to go directly to Adobe.com to download Flash (where the added bloatware has a better chance of being installed).


                        Does anyone else think this is more about money and less about directing internet traffic?

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                          I agree.  Adobe doesn't care about making life easier for system administrators or for ordinary folk, otherwise they would not block ninite or hassle them (see theregister.co.uk/2013/05/01/adobe_says_no/).  On the thirty or so 64bit Windows 7 machines that we have in our department, the "automatic" Flash updates almost NEVER work.  If an error message shows at all, it is typically an obscure one.  In order to make sure the updates work, I always look for a manual, standalone installer for Flash player (which for some reason is not easily found).  After I go the extra mile to upgrade their sh*tty product, I find that Adobe has the nerve to try to foist a copy of McAfee Antivirus on me.  Why?  The answer, as semllbs says, is that Adobe is looking to make more money.  They get money for including the options for installing other software in their installer.  I don't mind when open source or freeware creators add such options to their installers so they can make a little money, but Adobe?!!  Greedy SOBs.

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                            pwillener Level 8

                            eproctolagniacal wrote:


                            Adobe has the nerve to try to foist a copy of McAfee Antivirus on me.

                            That is simply not true; the standalone (offline) installers for administrators (MSI & EXE) are never bundled with 3rd-party software.

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                              eproctolagniacal Level 1

                              I apologize for transmitting falsehoods.  However, I still think they're greedy SOBs.

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                                You probably all realize this but you can use any of the old installer files from Ninite that you might have created before. If they included flash it still works and installs flash.