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    Slideshow Decoder issue

    edk01 Community Member

      I've seen a few people having this problem but haven't seen a solution that works. Spece/tech details are...


      Windows 8 Pro 64Bit

      32Gb Ram

      1TB+ free space

      Intel I7 3820CPU

      Nvidia GTX 560Ti GPU

      Master Suite CS6


      All Software/OS updates applied.



      I am trying to make a DVD slideshow.  I used the Photoshop actions to resize save as TIFF's all images as well using the actions to remove the flicker.

      When I try to use the "Import As/Slideshow" fucntion in Encore I get the attached dialog box.  I have created a standard  Encore  project using only default settings.  I have re-run all alctions and created new Encore projects, same result every time.

      encore error.jpg

      I have installed quicktime/VLC/Codec Pak to ensure the the H 264 codec is installed and working, it is.


      I stall get this problem, and Encore refuses to import any of my files.

      Any help would be great.

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          edk01 Community Member

          OK, solved.  When you use the Photoshop actions to prep your  TIFF's in readines for importing into Encore, the actions won't save your files as 8 bit TIFF's which is what Encore wants.  If you start with 16 bit TIFF's, you'll be left with 16 bit TIFF's and Encore will spit them back at you without any useable explanation.  The work around for this was to save my TIFF's as 8 bit first, then process as them as needed.

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            Stan Jones CommunityMVP

            Thanks for reporting your solution. Don't forget to mark your answer as "correct"!

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              edk01 Community Member

              Thanks Stan. Done.

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                the_wine_snob CommunityMVP

                I work with 16-bit Images too, and Scale to match my Project (am always doing this in PrPro, but it's the same). I always include a line in my Action to change the Bit-Depth to 8-bit, before doing the Save_As.


                It would be the same, if I was working with CMYK Images (only do those for delivery to a printer), in that I would have a line in the Action to change Color Mode to RGB.


                Glad that you found the issue and good luck,