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    Customize Flex Builder / Flash Builder



      I have a problem with my Flex Plug in.


      I'm using the Flex Builder 3 Plug-in in my Flex application.


      Now I want to customize the MessageResponder.as File in the Plug-In. I found the ActionScript File without any problems, but the point is, that my changes doesn't cause anything because the file is allready compiled. (That's my guess)


      Now my question:

      How can I compile the file after editing it? Is there a possibility at all?


      Thanks for your help!!


      Best regards



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          DeanLoganBH Level 3

          You can create a custom component and override functions (but not all functions).


          I'm not sure if that information will help you, because I am not sure what you are trying to do in your code.

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            Jochen89 Level 1

            Here my problem in detail.


            I have a Flex Project in Eclipse.


            I connected the Flex Builder Plug-In to this Project, so I can use all the libraries from the Flex Builder itself.


            Know I have the problem, that after 2 minutes without any feedback from my server the application automaticly starty an time out error message.


            I found out that this error message was set from the file MessageResonder.as which is a part from the Flex Builder.


            I now changed the ActionScript file but just changing the ActionScript file is useless, because my programm is connected with compiled sdk from the Flex Builder.



            Now is my Question, how can Ii add my changed ActionScript file to the compiled sdk? Or how do I compile the whole library again?

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              DeanLoganBH Level 3

              The only thing I could find was attempting to add some sort of listener that would be able to catch the timeout, which would be outside of the function used to call the web service or server call.