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    Extending DAM Asset Editor formitems and grouping new fields into a widgetcollection




      I'm a newbie so be kind pretty please...


      We have a requirement for one of the websites hosted on our CQ instance to have some extended DAM properties for PDF files.

      Eg. Summary (textfield) and Search Weighting (selection)


      We have added a new namespace with our new items/properties underneath:


      We’ve also extended the pdf asset editor by adding the new fields to formitems under:


      And we are getting the expected result in DAM editor in that when we choose to open a PDF we have new fields to edit our new properties.


      We have also been able to prove that using group permissions we can tailor it so that only specific website authors see these extended PDF fields; essentially making the extension local to an individual website.


      The issue we are having is trying to assign group permissions so that we can deploy and maintain these in the best possible way. What we are trying to do is group these new fields in formitems into a widgetcollection so that we can assign the permissions we need at one widgetcollection level rather than needing to assign at individual field level.


      I have tried creating a widgetcollection under formitems and adding my new fields within and this works ok up until the point when I try to assign read permission at the widgetcollection level. Then what happens is I can no longer ‘open’ a PDF at all.


      Is there a way that we can do this? Can you suggest any alternative solutions please?


      Many thanks in advance