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    My timeline table disappears when i scroll down to the bottom


      Hi, i have put my images on after effects and everything was going well like normal, until i uploaded my final 12-20 images (im using after effects for my final 3 minute animation for uni), when i tried to scroll down to rezize these images and to make them 2f long the timeline table disappears everytime, also i managed to see that the frames with the problem are not the normal purple colour but are a blackish grey colour... ive tried deleting the frames and re uploading them but the same problem occured. I saved my work closed down my computer and re-opened it and the problem was still there. i also tried pasting the frames into a new composition but again... same problem. Is there a way to solve this problem as this animation is due in tomoz and i need to start adding sounds on audition and premiere but the animation needs to be finished so i can sync the sounds at the correct places

      Please reply

      Katie x