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    Adobe Edited Video Upside-Down


      So, I was editing a video for youtube in 1080p, and upon finishing I encountered various issues. The first issue being that when I tried to open the raw MP4 in Windows Media Player, even though the video was set at 1920x1080, it played at a fraction of the screen (about 1/20th the size if even that large) and would dissapear when I attempted to view it in fullscreen. Then I just figured I'd put it in a file shrinking program (a very trusted and CONSTANTLY used file shrinker, never shown these issues before) that it might fix the issue somehow, and then upon doing so, the video played in my movie viewer at full size but was upside down, it hadn't been in the Window Media Player. So the issue is I exported this video (and this isn't the first 1080p video I've made) in 1080p and it showed various issues that I had never encountered before and did so on multiple viewing programs. (And I didn't record it upside down or anything of the like, it was recorded via Fraps and the Fraps recording was the correct way up when viewed prior to being used in Adobe Premiere)