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    saving custom 254 palette with alpha transparency

      I've created a 254 color palette with alpha transparencies in FireWorks to use as a super palette that I want to apply to a series of 32bit PNG's for and optimzie to 8 bit PNG's. I've saved the palette out as an external palette per FireWorks instructions. However, when I reload my saved palette it loads without any tranparencies. How do I save a 254 custom palette with transparencies and then apply it via batch process to a folder of images? Additionally, when I use the batch process feature to export my images by using the custom color palette I've created, the batch process mode shows me white frames in the preview window and the final exported 8 bit PNG images are solid white.

      I'm using FireWorks on a Dual G5 Macintosh running 10.3.9 OS
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          8-bit PNG files do not support full variable transparency. They are like
          GIFs, with only one color allowed to be transparent.

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            According to the manual and to what I've done so far, 8-bit PNGs do in fact support full alpha transparencies... Fireworks even shows me so. But I can't seem to get Fireworks to save the palette containing the alpha transparency values, even though I can create a palette with them and even apply it to the image I created it from!

            I can generate a palette with alpha transparencies from a master file using an adaptive palette, PNG 8, 254 colors and a selected dither setting. This gives me the palette I want to save and apply to other files. When I save the palette under the Save Palette command under the Optimize Panel pulldown, it lets me do it. But when I try to Load Palette to get it back, it loads without any of the alpha transparency info. Oddly, when I do a Save Settings under that same Optimize Panel pulldown and then recall it, the palette comes up with the alpha transparencies intact, but then it won't apply the palette to anything else because the Optimization settings are for Adaptive, which will use the values from the image to override the seemingly saved palette!

            What am I doing wrong here? Or is it that Fireworks can indeed work with such palettes but not save them?

            Is there a way to discuss by phone offline?