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    Audio Not Working After H.264 Render CS6


      Hi All,


      Please help, I'm losing my mind with this.


      I have a multi-track sequence that I rendered out to H.264 (Vimeo 720p settings). It uploaded to Vimeo just fine, audio and video synced perfectly, all was good.


      My client reviewed the footage, wants a few minor tweaks, but when I went back into PP CS6, the audio on track #1 is no longer recognized. It's showing on the track but there is nothing there, no audio bars, nada.


      Basic format: I have a highlight video of an athlete playing hockey. I have cut in some interviews of his coach giving testimonials as well as the athlete discussing his sport. Underneathe is a track of the athlete in his venue (fans cheering, game sounds etc.) and below that is an instrumental soundtrack. I also have some basic still titles in there as well.


      Essentially: video track 1: original footage from camcorder, video 2: titles. Audio 1: coach and athlete comments, copied audio only from different interview footage track 2: background sport sounds from original tracks, matches up to the footage of the athlete playing his sport, plays fine. Audio track 3: instrumental track imported from iTunes, plays fine.


      Quesion: the audio that is NOT playing was taken from separate footage I shot with my camcorder. I unlinked the audio and video from each other, selected the audio only, copied it, and then pasted it into the track 1 timeline where I wanted it. Is this an issue?


      This process worked fine and rendered out ok originally but now that audio is not recognized. Is there something I need to do to link them together?


      Please help!






      Note: most up to date CS6 verion of PP being used.