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    How to play video in a swf


      I created at 44 page interactive PDF with animations on just about every page.

      I exported the entire document as a SWFthen placed the SWF back into an indesign document and then exported it as an interactive PDF.

      Everything works great but the videos don't play.


      I found this solution yesterday-

      You can embedd the resources of video (flv) and skin file in Acrobat. Open PDF into Acrobat Professional, select Multimedia/SWF tool and doubleclick your SWF. Navigate to resources tab and add resources folder InDesign created while you exported your SWF (the one which included the actual video inside MSO) - Click OK and save your PDF.


      However when I open the interactive PDF in Acrobat there is no option to select the Multimedia/SWF tool ... I simple can't find it anywhere .. I have Acrobat pro X1. It is supposed to be under tools-content-

      but I don't even have a content menu item, my Acrobat has a content editing section but no content section.


      Any help with this would be great.


      Thank you!