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    How can I deactivate Photoshop Elements 5.0 on hard drive that will not boot?


      I have Elements 5.0 loaded on a hard drive which will no longer boot. I have a new hard drive and can access the old drive as an extra internal hard drive. I cannot use Photoshop, so I was thinking I need to deactivate the copy loaded on the old hard drive and reload it on the new hard drive. Is this the best solution? If so, how do I deactivate? When I start up the editor, it does not have an option for deactivating as I read about in another post. Under the help menu, there is a grayed out option for Registration. After a few seconds, a window appears saying there is a problem with my serial number and the application closes.  Also, I would like to load Photoshop on a laptop later, so I do not want to waste one of my allowable loads. I would appreciate any help.