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    Flashplayer folders where website specific settings.sol files reside, disappear after closing IE8


      In WinXP SP3, Flashplayer folders for visited sites (where website specific settings.sol files reside) disappear after closing IE8 browsers.


      Using Internet Explorer 8 within Windows XP SP3. I have a user that on his computer, under his Windows profile, after exiting all Internet explorer browsers, the contents of his  C:\Documents and Settings\”substitute name of his profile”\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\macromedia.com\support\flashplayer\sys  folder gets deleted.  All the folders that were created for sites visited with Adobe flash content during the last session of Internet Explorer disappear. Normally that might not be an issue, but he has some sites that he has to change the Adobe Flash cache buffer slider control for those websites to “unlimited” in order for those sites to function efficiently. But being the history folders with their individual edited settings.sol files disappear upon exiting Internet Explorer, he has to perform the Flash player buffer settings alteration every time he enters those sites. Thus far I have not heard that other users in our company have been experiencing this anomaly.  Also other Windows profiles on this person’s same computer do not have the problem either. If I delete this affected person’s Windows profile then let it recreate a new profile for him, then the problem goes away until the next time his Adobe flash player updates, then the problem returns again. Then we have to rebuild his Windows profile again. I was hoping that someone would have a clue on what individual settings in Windows, IE, or Adobe Flash that I might look for to change that could resolve this issue when it occurs, that would no longer involve a full Windows profile rebuild every time.