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    InDesign CS 6 keeps crashing "out of memory" ???




      I am having trouble with InDesign CS 6.


      It does not respond. I can open a document, but as soon as I select a tool it starts hanging. I then have to use Windows task manager to end CS 6.


      After the 5th time of ending CS 6 and receiving the message "Adobe InDesign is out of memory "  I updated InDesign and recieved the following  error code:



      Adobe Extension Manager CS5 5.0 Update

      Update is not applicable. Error Code: U44M1P28.


      InDesign is still hanging and I still have to use Windows task manager to quit the program.


      Would it help if I reinstall InDesign?


      This has never happend to me before.

      Please help me with this, I have extreme amounts of work that needs to be completed this weekend as I am on a tight deadline for Monday morning


      (OS: Windows 8)