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    Video Editing/Photoshop rig Optimal drive assignments: 8 Drives & Areca Arc

    Mad Beggar

      Cheers all from a forum newbie poster


      For a while I have been reading a lot of posts on here about setting up a Graphics Station computer

      for Photoshop, Premiere, and Audio Editing. I chose my Harware after a lot of research, and my new build is almost bulit.

      I have tried set it up with some of Harm's pro advice, but I am a newbie in that I have never had a computer

      this powerful, with so many drives, for Photoshop / Video editing.

      The drive setup as it exists now:

      OCZ Vertex 4 - OS [Windows 7 Pro 64 bit]
      Samsung 840 - was going to use for Programs
      3x Hitachi Ultrastar 500gb HDDin RAID3
      2x WD Velociraptors 600gb HDD in RAID0
      WD RE4 2tb HDD


      I'm also wondering if a RAM cache might speed up the HDDs.

      Should I put the temp files of the SSD, like Windows Temp to a RAMdisk or cache?


      Also, I need to add an entry/mid level at least 4 track Audio recording interface. Any suggestions?
      My motherboard does include Firewire.


      Thanks so much for your help!


      My rig: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP5 TH, Core i7 3770K, 1x OCZ Vertex 4 128gb SSD [OS], 1x Samsung 840 120gb SSD [programs], Areca Arc 1222 Raid Controller with 2x Velociraptor 600gb in RAID 0, 3x Hitachi Ultrastar 500gb in RAID3, 1x WD RE4 2TB; Nvidia GTX 660 ti OC; 4x8gb Kingston Hyper X blu RAM [KHX16C10B1K2]; LG 14x Blu-ray burner; Multi-card reader+fan controller; Corsair 750w PSU Gold; Thermaltake Armor+ MX Case. Lots of fans. Windows 7 Pro.