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    CS6 - Export to HTML & link to server path


      I've got an InDesign document which has some linked EPS and JPG images. I've added all of the links and text into the articles panel, and then exported to HTML with these settings:


      • General
        • Content order - same as articles panel
      • Image
        • Copy images - link to server path
        • Path on server - "assets/images/"
        • File extension - "jpg" (note, not ".jpg" as this would result in "..jpg" being added as the image extension...)
      • Advanced
        • CSS - embedded CSS, including style definitions and local overrides (which InDesign seems to ignore and generates an external style sheet anyway...)


      The result - the EPS images have been converted to PNGs, renamed and the HTML now links to those. The images I want to use in the website have the same name as the EPS files - so I have to go in and change the src attributes before it all works as I had planned.


      I have not set any custom rasterisation for the images.


      Any ideas on how to fix this?